Pharmaceutical factory for sale

1 / A pharmaceutical factory for sale, operating for more than 5 years, the land is 9000 m and buildings on 5500 m, and the factory has 10 production lines, producing 3 lines, and the rest of the lines have not been activated. Herbal tea line, effervescent bags, they have 55 products registered with the factory, the annual sales volume of 240 million Egyptian pounds, and the annual net profit of 150 million Egyptian pounds, with the operation of the rest of the lines will double and more and there is a veterinary line required 55 million dollars final

2 / A factory for sale of medical drugs and cosmetics in the tenth
From Ramadan, 7300 meters are standing, built and ready for operation in the third region in a register for it (6 items for liver + food supplements + cosmetics + items for sugar + and heart + ...) and a license to export cosmetic tools to Saudi Arabia and Yemen is required 10 million dollars

3 / Pharmaceutical factory for sale

A pharmaceutical factory in the tenth of Ramadan in the A5 area, an area of ​​3020 meters, the building of the pillars of the ground floor, concrete 1800 meters + administration building 150 meters, all buildings required concrete 2800 meters

4 / Pharmaceutical factory for sale

Drug factory for sale 3070 meters medical lenses activity and add to the activity a very normal medicine for the same area in which the concrete building 900 meters area A5

Fully bridged and the civil defense reservoir is required, 7.5 million, and 2 million installments for the device over two years


Land pharmaceutical factory for sale

1 / A pharmaceutical factory land of 16,000 meters in A6 area in the tenth of Ramadan, a quarter of which is paid and the rest over 5 years, 400 pounds per square meter required and the rest in installments with the device

2 / A pharmaceutical factory land of 10,000 meters, with the building bases + the fence, exclusive price, area A4, the tenth of Ramadan, 1,500 pounds per square meter is required

3 / A pharmaceutical factory land in El-Obour 14,000 meters in El-Obour, an excellent place, is required for 6000 EGP per meter