Iron and steel factory for sale in Egypt

Iron and steel factory for sale
Available electricity 4 Mega The number of workers in the range of 30 workers: One old production line currently produces 12 and 16 milliliters of skewers: half of the factory area is vacant land that allows development, renewal and addition of a new production line. Dear Sirs, we inform you of the following: The current area of the factory is 12,500 square meters The production line is based on only 6000 square meters. The production line has been operating for more than 15 years and needs to be developed. The work system is only pulling and rolling. There is no smelting of scrap. The authorized production capacity is 100 thousand tons per year. With the necessary development, the production capacity can be increased. It is possible to add another production line in the empty space. From the land of the factory the factory is not loaded with any debts, financial burdens or loans in case of initial approval of all of the above, please prepare a letter of intent to buy and a bank letter indicating the price tag of the factory to start the inspection procedures and review the necessary official papers, bearing in mind that the price is 25 million Final USD + 3% commission